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Yang Ye is a passionate and experienced professional in the field of music. Through the establishment of Sunflower Piano House, she is dedicated to providing high-quality music education for young learners in Singapore. Her past experiences in music learning and teaching have equipped her with rich performance experience and effective teaching techniques. She and her team are continuously creating an environment filled with the joy of music and inspiring creativity for children.

Personal Information:

  • Name: Yang Ye

  • Place of Birth: China


  • University: Jilin University, China 

Honours and Awards:

  • Recipient of the Song Qingling Foundation Music Scholarship

  • Featured Electronic Organ Soloist at the Hunan Province Spring Festival Gala

  • Second Place in the Finals of the Hunan Provincial Arts Festival Piano Competition


Musical Achievements:

  • Founder of Sunflower Piano House Singapore.

  • Extensive experience in music education, specialising in piano introduction methods

  • Suitable for young learners in Singapore.

  • Leadership role in implementing music education programs.

  • Known for an approach that combines joy with effective teaching, earning praise from both parents and children.


Yang Ye

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