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Co-Organisers for Physical Competition (Audition / 1st Round)
现场格式(海选/第一轮)- 协办方

Explore our network of esteemed co-organizers across Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Each country brings its unique musical heritage and talent to our global platform. These co-organizers will host the live audition round in their respective countries, providing aspiring musicians with the opportunity to showcase their skills on a local stage. The final round will culminate in Singapore in August 2024, bringing together the top talents from around the region.


For those unable to participate in the live audition round, don't worry! You can still opt for the Video Entry option and submit your performances online. Please note that while our co-organizers may not offer all competition categories, they play a vital role in promoting musical excellence within their communities. Scroll down to discover more about our partners and their contributions to the global music community. 

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